Pure Titanium (TW340)


Titanium Round Wire

Our Pure Titanium (Tw340) is lightweight, has excellent corrosion resistance, is scratch-free and nickel free. Many other companies shave their wire down to smaller sizes, thus leaving quite a few scratches and pits. In order to remove these scratches, the wire is then subjected to an acid


treatment which leaves it dull and coated with acid flakes. These flakes will tend to damage the mold on the press over time which will add to the cost of your processing. In addition to that, with this dull finish, it is then necessary to polish the product, adding extra time and cost to your finished material.


Pure Titanium at Arkhe is different. This means that the finished product is scratch-free, and the surface consists of complete molecules. Arkhe titanium has a glossy finish, much like that of stainless steel until now couldn't be done with titanium. There is no acid residue to damage your press molds, and once pressed, or swaged can be finished without final polishing. This will decrease your production time and costs as well.


Many companies still rate their titanium using the "H-rating". This is actually a very wide range of quality. Many companies may find that the 1/2H they ordered from other companies is not satisfactory for their uses.. The manufacturers that produce the titanium for Arkhe are much more demanding. They measure the titanium using Newtons/sq mm, and anything falling outside the much stricter range, is not fit for sale. This translates into a product that has met much stricter demands and will therefore more than likely meet the customer's requirements more often than not.


We have split the standard JIS rating for Titanium into three ranges. This means that we can pss along to the consumer a product that more suits their needs, and is closer to the tension they require. Please contact us for more detailed information regarding this issue.


Available in the following diameters: 1.0mm to 5.0mm.
Available in: straight line wire, coil, rim wire, plate and profiles.


For custom requests, please contact us.

Beta Titanium (DAT 51)


Titanium Round Wire BetaTitanium is regarded as epoch-making spectacle materials because of its good spring and light weight. It is, without a doubt, the future metal in the optical industry.


For the discriminating manufacture who wants to stay ahead of the industry, our beta titanium is the way to go.


We offer large or small lots for all production needs.


Available in the following diameters: 0.5mm to 3.5mm.


Available in: straight line wire, coil, rim wire, plate.

Alpha-Beta Titanium (DAT 52)


Alpha-Beta Titanium is an alloy that is between Pure Titanium and Beta Titanium in composition. It provides more tension than pure titanium and less than beta-ti. It is easier to work than beta titanium therefore provides some of the excellent qualities of beta without the high cost.


Round wire is available currently in the following diameters:  1.6mm / 1.7mm


This product is available as Rim Wire. If you wish to purchase DAT52 in round wire form, we can also provide it for you. Please contact us for details.




Rim Wire


Titanium Rim Wire Rim Wire from Arkhe is available in the following materials:

Click Here for more details on the rim wire products we supply.


We are in the process of updating our product line and will provide details when they are available. In the meantime, please contact us for more information.


If you have a particular custom design or have found a product not in our current catalogue that is of interest to you, please e-mail or fax us.


Rim Lock and Hinge Profiles


Titanium Profiles We carry several shapes of Rim Lock Profiles and Hinge Profiles in pure titanium. In addition to the patterns that we have available, if you are interested in knowing whether we have access to any other styles, or patterns, contact us with your desired designs.

Available in: Coil or Straight Line Pure Titanium.


Please contact us for more details.


Sheet/Plate Titanium

Titanium Plate/Sheet

Many frame designs require that the parts be cut out of sheets and not pressed out of round wire. That is why we carry Sheet/Plate Titanium in pure TW340

Currently we have many different sizes of Pure Titanium Sheets.


Please contact us for more specifics.


Sample orders can be made if you so desire. For more detailed information on our Titanium Plate/Sheet status, contact us.